Strokes change life dramatically and suddenly. So much of what was taken for granted can be lost: the ability to speak, to move freely, to walk, to grasp, to reach, to work and more evaporates in a brief moment. Rehabilitation offers hope and recovery. We fight and strive to gain it all back, go to therapy, do our exercises and home programs and then for many it ends when the system decides we are not making enough progress. It feels like a door slams shut in the face of improvements made.

REACH opens a new door. Stroke survivors discover renewed hope in our community based classes designed to improve functional mobility, restore daily living skills and foster communication skills in a community of caring. Participants meet new friends who understand immediately what it is like, because they share the same experiences.

Licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists lead the classes and are passionate about keeping students safe, active and growing in their recovery. REACH students who try out the program for one session, end up staying for years and years.

Co-founder REACH

In 1978 Linda found her true calling while working as a volunteer, helping to run an elementary school-based speech therapy program in El Toro, California. That led her to earn a Bachelors and a Masters in Speech Pathology in 1984 and 1986, and a Masters in Gerontology in 1992, all from San Jose State.

Passionate about helping stroke survivors live their best possible lives, in 1989, Linda co-founded the REACH Program. Originally a part of Foothill College in Palo Alto, California, REACH was conceived to provide a bridge forward from outpatient rehabilitation to full reintegration into the community. Since 1992, Linda ran the program and taught the speech classes. In 2012, when community college budget cuts threatened to end the program, Linda re-created REACH as a stand-alone, 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Today, having served more than 2,000 students, REACH is fully staffed, and because of the pandemic has added on-line classes until the physical classes resume. Linda passed away in February 2019.

Advisor and Chairman of REACH Board

Joe DiNucci has worked in Silicon Valley since 1980 as a sales and markeing executive. He began a career as an executive coach in 2007. In 2010 he co-founded the independent publisher Silicon Valley Press, which has brought a broad range books to the world, from Silicon Valley culture to leadership to the impacts of technology on society.

Since 2012, Joe has served as advisor to REACH. Linda had been devoted to the program for 23 years at that point, and Joe created the formal entity that separated from Foothill College to be come a standalone non-profit. Since Linda’s passing in early 2019, Joe has served as chairman of the REACH Board of Directors. “The REACH Program was my wife’s passion from its founding to the end of her life. A place of rehabilitation, education, acceptance, community and hope. The fact that some of the students have continued to come for more than twenty years says a lot about how they value it.”


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